SpaCeHoLdeRs:OneOnOne SesSioN

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A sacred space in which you can find your own pace on your breath, your movement and alignment. Discover through the movements the dynamics to play with and self-explore your own. Space Holders is not a physical space, yet a temple you cultivate and discover through the practice of Yoga. Deep dive into your own space in which you learn to cultivate self-awareness through the observation of the breath linked to the movement. A space of personal growth to celebrate each day with small and big achievement through self-contentment. Melting the Yoga tradition with safety cues alignment, will learn to develop the practice through the flow of movements of your own body, as each body is different. Learning to respect and honor your own range of motions and when time has come to move forward maintaining a non-grasping attitude towards your personal practice on and off the mat. Challenging your body and mind to the next level, exploring the edge of free movement with no judgement between that fine line of effort and ease into your personal journey.